Have questions about your account and/or the technology donations program? We've created several resources to help answer common questions about the program.


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What is the Technology Donations Program?

The technology donations program offers donated and discounted technologies to qualified charities, nonprofits and libraries in Canada for an administrative fee that's typically 90% less than market value.

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How Do I Register?

Learn the steps involved in creating and qualifying your TechSoup Canada account, and what you can expect from your membership with us. We hope this will help you to register and clarify how the donation program works for organizations like yours!

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How Much Can I Order?

Wondering how many products you can order from our program? We created a chart that details how much eligible organizations can order for each of our donor partners (e.g., Microsoft, Adobe, etc.).

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Eligibility and Program Guidelines

In order to use our program, Canadian organizations are required to meet two eligibility criteria: the general TechSoup Canada eligibility (e.g., charity, nonprofit and library) and our donor partners' eligibility criteria (i.e. eligibility criteria may differ from partner to partner). In this page, we detail all of the eligibility guidelines for you so you don't have to guess!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's my username? How do I reset my password? What is my organization eligible for? You will find answers to these and other common member questions here!

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