Create your own personalized video conference experience with CallBridge

TechSoup Canada is thrilled to announce that CallBridge, one of the world’s most advanced video conferencing solutions, is now available through TechSoup Canada. 


Callbridge is a video and audio conferencing platform that enables seamless online meetings and conference calls. Callbridge works on mobile and desktop devices and in hardware-equipped meeting rooms. 


Through TechSoup Canada, Callbridge is generously offering to eligible organizations: 

The subscription features

  • High definition video and audio quality
  • Intuitive scheduling software
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Custom branding: You can set up branded meeting pages, emails, and URLs
  • Meeting transcription generated by artificial intelligence
  • Enhanced security options: security code, one-time code,  meeting lock, manage online participants, review meeting details after each call
  • Youtube Live video streaming and recording
  • Screen and document sharing 
  • Admin user management and reporting

How many donations of CallBridge can I request?

For eligible TechSoup Canada members, organizations may request as many licences of CallBridge deluxe as required per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Organizations may renew their subscriptions with this donation each year

Not registered with TechSoup Canada, but think you are eligible for donations of CallBridge?

The first step is to register with TechSoup Canada — it’s free and straightforward. Once we have processed your registration, we will let you know if you qualify for Callbridge.

Registering with us also grants you access to discounts and donations from up to 30 other donor partners, which includes popular software like office productivity suites, graphic design software, accounting packages and security programs. Find out how the donations program can work for an organization like yours!

Is CallBridge right for my organization?

CallBrige’s user-friendliness and low cost for the features offered make it one of the most accessible nonprofit discounts in the video conferencing category and a perfect fit for small or mid-size organizations.

Still, have a doubt?

A free trial is available directly on the CallBridge website.