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You can use this guide if you have placed a Microsoft donation request through TechSoup Canada, have logged in to the VLSC, and now are ready to install your donation of Office for Mac. 

If you have not yet requested a donation, please see our How to Place an Order guide.

If you have not yet created a VLSC account, please sow our How to set up a VLSC account guide.

Microsoft also offers a nonprofit discount for Office 365 and other cloud services. Technical questions about these programs should be directed to Microsoft.

Step One: Download and install the Volume Licence Serializer

To download your software:

  1. If you haven't already, sign in to the VLSC. If you have not yet created a VLSC account, please see our How to set up a VLSC account guide.
  2. Choose Downloads and Keys from the navigation bar.  Selecting the Downloads and Keys option from the VLSC main menu
  3. Find the specific product you want to download. You can download the current or previous version of any product you have requested through TechSoup Canada.
  4. Click on the Download tab next to the name of the product you wish to download.
    Selecting your product from the list of available software downloads. We have selected Office 2019 for Mac Standard
  5. You will see a set of Special Instructions with two steps. The first step in the instructions is to download and install the Volume Licence Serializer.
    To install the Volume Licence Serializer click on "Continue" under the Office Standard for Mac Download tab.
    The download tab for Office 2019 for Mac Standard is selected. There is a large square underneath with download instructions. The continue button at the bottom right of the square is highlighted.
  6. You will see the ISO file you need to download appear. Click on the arrow icon to download.
    A file has appeared below the
    Troubleshooting tip If the arrow icon to download the Serializer package does not appear, try using a different browser.
  7. Once the ISO file has downloaded, open it. An installation wizard will launch. Follow the Wizard’s prompts. Your Mac may prompt you to enter your username and password to continue the installation during this process.   Entering account log in credentials to allow Mac installer to install the software.
  8. You will then be notified if your installation was successful.

Step Two: Download and install Office Suite

  1. Return to the VLSC page. Please click on the link in the second step of the special instructions to download the installation package from the link in the instructions.
    Selecting the download options and the necessary installation file. We have selected Office Standard<br />
        2016 32 Bit English
  2. After the download has completed, open the file. It should start installing through the installation wizard.
  3. You will then be notified if your installation was successful. The Mac installer displays a message stating that The installation was completed successfully.
  4. Once both of these files have been downloaded and installed, your software will be ready to use. There is no need for a product key with Office for Mac.

Additional Support

If you installed the Office Suite before installing the serializer package, a message will display when you open your office suite
A document is opened in Microsoft word. A banner displays at the top of the page with the message .
To resolve this issue, restart your computer after you have installed the Volume Licence Serailzer, described in Step 1.

While you can always contact TechSoup Canada with any of your questions, most of your Microsoft/VLSC concerns can be more actively addressed by VLSC support.

VLSC support is included in your Microsoft donation, so if you have any issues with VLSC or your Microsoft software you are welcome to contact the VLSC Support Center.

Si vous voulez un service en français, envoyez un courriel à avec votre demande.

Here are some tips for contacting the VLSC:

  • To confirm your identity and your licensing details, VLSC support may ask for the license and authorization numbers associated with your donation. You can find these by logging into the VLSC and clicking Licenses > Relationship Summary from the main menu.
  • If you are not able to log into the VLSC to find your license and authorization numbers, please email and describe your issue. An Account Manager will email your license and authorization numbers to the organizational email address on your account.
  • If VLSC support asks you to call your reseller to resolve your problem, explain that you did not receive the license through a reseller. TechSoup provides a service to Microsoft by administering one of their donation programs, but your licenses were issued directly by Microsoft. TechSoup Canada is not a Microsoft reseller. Our Account Managers do not have the tools required to resolve issues within the VLSC. 

If you need more help, try reading our other topics about common VLSC tasks, including:

Have you tried following these steps, but are still experiencing issues? Try checking out the following resources:

{link_name} handles all validations and customer service for TechSoup Canada customers. Visit {link_name}arrow