Create a Content Strategy for your Nonprofit Website

Planning a new website for your nonprofit organization? A website content strategy will serve as a guide for many of the decisions you’ll make. You'll know what content you need to develop, what you can reuse or re-purpose, and what content is most important. Because it creates clarity about your site's purpose, audience and the outcomes you’re seeking, a content strategy will also guide specific decisions about website design and development. 

In this webinar, Marlene Oliveira of teaches the following:

  • The benefits (which go far beyond content planning) of creating a clearly defined and documented website content strategy. 
  • Why you need to develop your content strategy before you start any website design or development work. 
  • The elements to include in a website content strategy – along with the steps involved in building one. 
  • Specific and productive ways to include internal stakeholders in the planning process. 

Below is the webinar's full recording, presentation slidedeck, and list of additional resources.

Webinar Recording


Webinar Presentation



Additional Resources

During the webinar, Marlene shared resources that included guides and templates to help you in creating a content strategy:

How to conduct a website content audit 

Website content strategy: A guide to conducting interviews with internal stakeholders

How to go from strategy to website content action plan [template]

MoFlow Service Spotlight: website content strategy package

Marketing Persona Templates: 10 options for nonprofit communicators


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