Optimize your fundraising efforts with DonorPerfect!

TechSoup Canada is thrilled to announce that DonorPerfect -- one of the world’s most award-winning donor management systems -- is now a donor partner.

DonorPerfect is comprehensive, customizable donor management software that enables nonprofits of all sizes to track donor data, launch hyper-targeted fundraising campaigns, and automate tasks that eat up precious time and energy. With tools for optimizing both online and offline fundraising efforts, DonorPerfect makes it easy to cultivate the relationships that drive impact and growth.

Through TechSoup Canada, DonorPerfect is offering eligible organizations a donated one-year subscription to DonorPerfect (renewable up to three years), as well as unlimited access to its discounted software solutions

How donor management software can bolster fundraising

Effective fundraising is built on donor data. Basic data includes donor contact information, donation records, and communications history with your organization. You may also be collecting more sophisticated forms of data such as demographic information and digital analytics. Whatever the parameters are, your capacity to manage, track, and analyze donor data will drive the success of your fundraising efforts.

This is where donor management software comes in. While different platforms offer unique functionalities, they all provide the same core service -- by keeping your data organized, these systems help you make your fundraising efforts streamlined, efficient, and responsive to donor behavior. Even if your donor list consists of just a few names, the right donor management software can yield transformative results.

The challenge then becomes to find the best system for your organization. So how do you choose?

One great resource in making this decision is IdealWare’s Consumer Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems. The report provides an extensive overview of the donor management landscape, as well as in-depth guidance in finding a solution to match your organizational needs. Of course, the first step is to figure out what your needs actually are, which requires you to think about the resources, processes, and goals at the heart of your organization. See the “How to Choose” section of the report (pages 30-31) for more on developing a needs-based decisionmaking framework before you even begin to look for donor management software.

According to the report, DonorPerfect is especially well-suited to organizations that need something easy to set up and use:

“You don’t have any techies on staff and you want to focus on fundraising, not on technical or configuration matters. You want a solid fundraising system, and price is a factor, but your priority is a low-maintenance system that won’t require a lot of training.”

If this resonates with you, consider DonorPerfect.

Case study: La Promesa Foundation

ChurchOver the past several years, the pace of change within online fundraising has been immense. But this doesn’t mean that more traditional avenues of fundraising -- events, direct mail, print advertising, etc. -- have become less important. Indeed, many nonprofits still generate the majority (if not all) of their operating budgets through non-digital fundraising strategies. Because they can’t be completely automated, such “analog” tactics require significant investments in terms of time and energy. The challenge therefore becomes to make traditional fundraising as seamless and efficient as digital.

For La Promesa Foundation, a Catholic charity in Texas, this was a pressing issue. The organization was seeing tremendous fundraising success through radio-thons, during which they would receive thousands of credit card pledges over the phone. While the radio-thons brought in vital income, the work they created for the team was overwhelming. Whenever someone called up with a donation, the number would again have to entered manually, this time into La Promesa’s fundraising database. The redundancy in data entry was not only inefficient, it also produced numerous errors.

Thankfully, DonorPerfect offers a function called Insta-Charge that addresses this problem directly. Now, when someone donates with a credit card over the phone, foundation staff enter the contribution into DonorPerfect; Insta-Charge simultaneously validates the credit card, processes the payment, and logs the contribution into the database. All of this happens while the donor is on the phone, so any errors can be caught in real time.

DonorPerfect also enables La Promesa to send out automatic donor thank you emails. Automating these processes results in significant reduction in work for staff. In fact, Toya Hall, the foundation’s vice president, estimates that DonorPerfect has made La Promesa’s fundraising efforts 25 percent more efficient.

What would such a dramatic boost in efficiency enable your organization to achieve?

Is my organization eligible for DonorPerfect’s donated and discounted products?

Products in this program are available only to Canadian Registered Charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, Canadian nonprofits incorporated either provincially or at the federal level, and Canadian public libraries with a library symbol from Library and Archives Canada. Current or former DonorPerfect subscribers are not eligible to renew those subscriptions with products in this program, unless the subscription was obtained through TechSoup Canada.

For more information, visit DonorPerfect program details.

How many donations of DonorPerfect’s can I request?

If you’re eligible and your operating budget is $250,000 (USD) or less, you can request one donated year-long subscription to DonorPerfect, which can be renewed twice for a total of three consecutive years.

However, as long as your operating budget is less than $1 million (USD), there is no limit to the number of discounted DonorPerfect licenses you can request.

Not registered with TechSoup Canada, but still think you are eligible for donations and discounts of DonorPerfect?

The first step is to register with TechSoup Canada — it’s free and simple. Once we have processed your registration, we will let you know if you qualify for DonorPerfect.

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