You’ve Got Mail: Understanding Constant Contact

The second instalment of the You’ve Got Mail series is dedicated to learning more about Constant Contact, whose products are available to TechSoup Canada members through our product catalogue.


What Is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an established leader in online marketing whose online platform simplifies the complex task of marketing your nonprofit. Whether it’s setting up a website, leveraging social and search features to engage members, or sending great-looking emails with the power to drive more donations, Constant Contact’s powerful hub combines the right tools and advice to help get the results you want.

As a nonprofit, you can use Constant Contact to:

  • Keep donors and constituents engaged and informed on email and social media;

  • Create outreach emails for fundraising campaigns;

  • Sort and target contacts based on membership type, event attendance, donation size, volunteers and more;

  • Get feedback from your community with online surveys and polls;

  • Invite your community to events and track registrants, and send reminders and thank-yous.


Getting Started Using Constant Contact

The platform offers an impressive suite of tools and capabilities, including unlimited emails, a wide array of beautifully designed (and customizable!) templates, analytics and automation. At the same time, not everyone is fluent in the world of digital marketing to have the confidence and know-how to make the most of these tools right away, and this is where Constant Contact’s impressive library of resources comes in!

TechSoup Canada members can rely on the platform’s digital education hub to read about inspiring success stories, learn the basics through informative blog articles, and access a comprehensive knowledge base packed with video tutorials, quickstart guides, and topic-based support.

For example, novices may be interested in foundational videos such as the one below:

What’s more, with Constant Contact you can reach a Marketing Advisor through their live helpline––they’ll connect with you on a one-on-one basis and tailor a marketing plan that works specifically for your organization and its needs!

And, of course, don’t forget our very own webinar with the pros at Constant Contact, where we cover the latest marketing best practices that help nonprofits grow their engagement and impact!


Our Catalogue Offering


Through TechSoup Canada, Constant Contact is offering a 50% discount on a monthly Email or Email Plus plan for new users. Eligible nonprofits only need to request one Constant Contact product through TechSoup Canada to get the discounted rate.

After you request this offer through TechSoup Canada, you’ll receive a fulfillment email with instructions on how to access your discount on Constant Contact’s signup page. Follow the link in the fulfillment email to create a discounted Email or Email Plus plan*. You'll then pay Constant Contact directly for your discounted plan.

*NOTE: The 50% discount does not apply to existing Constant Contact subscriptions, and cannot be used on trial subscriptions. If you’re interested in using Constant Contact, we strongly advise against signing up for free trials, as trial subscriptions cannot be converted to the discounted subscriptions requested through TechSoup Canada.

To read more about the offer, and to determine which plan is the best fit for your organization, check out our article, Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts with Constant Contact.

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