Supercharge your marketing efforts with Constant Contact!

Whether you’re looking to sell branded merchandise, find and retain new donors, or send compelling emails with the power to drive more donations, Constant Contact combines the right tools and advice to help get the results you want to achieve.

Constant Contact is an online marketing platform that includes tools to customize emails, collect donations, host websites, conduct surveys and more. Through TechSoup Canada, Constant Contact is offering a 50% discount on a monthly Email or Email Plus plan for new users. Eligible nonprofits only need to request one Constant Contact product through TechSoup Canada to get the discounted rate.

Which plan is right for my organization, Email or Email Plus?

Constant Contact’s Email Plan offers small organizations the ability to customize and send professional emails, set-up online stores, and create campaign websites and landing pages. This plan provides access to three admin users, and an email list for up to 10,000 contacts. Other notable features include:

  • Email Marketing 
    • Unlimited monthly email sends
    • Customizable templates, as well as industry specific templates
    • Sign-up forms
    • Tracking and reporting
    • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
    • Subject line A/B testing
    • Automated email resend to non-openers
    • List building tools (great for CASL compliance!)
  • Websites
    • Free website hosting
    • Unlimited storage
    • Connect to a custom domain
  • Online stores
    • Sell unlimited products
    • Accept online payments
    • Digital products and downloads
    • Order, inventory and tax management
    • Coupons and discounts

In addition to all the features included in the Email Plan, the Email Plus plan includes powerful, automated email functionalities such as:

  • Automated email behavioural series
  • Automated email welcome series
  • Polls, surveys and RSVP
  • Online donations
  • Customizable pop-up forms
  • Ability to insert dynamic content 

The Email Plus Plan allows up to ten admin users, and can accommodate an email list for 50,000+ contacts.

For a more detailed comparison between the two plans, be sure to check out Constant Contact’s website!

How do I access Constant Contact’s discount?

After you request this offer through TechSoup Canada, you’ll receive a fulfillment email with instructions on how to access your discount on Constant Contact’s signup page. Follow the link in the fulfillment email to create a discounted Email or Email Plus plan*. You'll then pay Constant Contact directly for your discounted plan.

*NOTE: The 50% discount does not apply to existing Constant Contact subscriptions, and cannot be used on trial subscriptions. If you’re interested in using Constant Contact, we strongly advise against signing up for free trials, as trial subscriptions cannot be converted to the discounted subscriptions requested through TechSoup Canada

Is my organization eligible for Constant Contact’s discounted rate?

To check if you are eligible, log into your TechSoup Canada Account, click on the “ORGANIZATION DETAILS” tab and check your eligibility status for Constant Contact. If your status is Qualified, then you’re eligible to receive discounted rates for Constant Contact! 

Not registered with TechSoup Canada, but think you are eligible for Constant Contact?

The first step is to register with TechSoup Canada — it’s free and simple. Once we have processed your registration, we will let you know if you qualify for Constant Contact at TechSoup Canada.

Registering with us also grants you access to discounts and donations to 30+ tech partners, which includes popular software like office productivity suites, graphic design software, accounting packages and security programs. Find out how the donations program can work for an organization like yours!

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