Spotlight on TechSoup Courses: Disaster Planning for Nonprofits

Digital resilience is more commonly associated with the protection of one’s online security, especially in relation to potential data breaches and other digital risk factors. As nonprofits, however, our resilience extends much further than our cybersecurity. 

As the coronavirus has shown us, adapting to times of crisis touches on anything from rethinking the way our operations run to how to stay connected with our teammates and constituents during a disruption. This means that, now more than ever, digital skills play a crucial role in strengthening organizational capacity and ensuring sustainability and responsiveness over time. 

TechSoup has designed an innovative course to help nonprofits get started thinking strategically about disaster planning. Keep reading to learn more about the course! 

What’s Covered in this Course?

This incredibly relevant course is designed to be useful at scale. Disaster preparedness experts walk you through how to plan and think ahead at individual, organizational and technology levels so that your organization is more resilient should a disaster strike in the future.

This track consists of four on-demand self-paced courses, which are:

  • Disaster Preparedness for Nonprofit Organizations 101 – Introduction and Personal Preparedness: In this module, we unpack what disaster preparedness is all about, and what it means to you and your organization. We walk you through the cases of fellow nonprofit organizations and help you find your own answers. In addition, you will learn about how to help individuals in your organization prepare for future disasters––because everyone’s life should be the first priority when a disaster strikes.

  • Disaster Preparedness for Nonprofit Organizations 201 – Preparedness Plan for the Organization: As you already know, your organization plays a critical role in the social and economic health of a community. And the reality is that people may depend on your services even when a disaster strikes, if not more. Maintaining or recovering the operation of your organization during times of disruption is an imperative task that can be planned ahead of time. In this module we introduce the foundations of organizational preparedness to help you plan for the continuity of your organization’s operations. Sub-modules include: centralizing information; and crafting emergency response, communications and continuity of operations plans.

  • Disaster Preparedness for Nonprofit Organizations 202 –– Preparedness Plan for the Technology: Through this course you will learn how to build up a disaster preparedness plan for the IT infrastructure of your organization, and how to involve other staff members and volunteers in the design and implementation of the plan. 

  • Disaster Preparedness for Nonprofit Organizations 203 – Recovering After a Disaster: What should you do to recover the operation and services of your organization after a disaster hits? You’ll find all the specifics in this course, with submodules that cover protocols for re-establishing internal and external communications, recover data, thinking through post-disaster crowdfunding ideas, and more. 

More TechSoup Resources for You

If you’d like to round-out your disaster preparedness skills, don’t miss these complementary courses and resources developed by TechSoup:

  • Organizing Your Remote Working Team, a course designed to help you map out your digital work needs and how to communicate and organize them effectively through Microsoft Teams. This course will also help you design a plan to structure your team's virtual workflow and how to develop a strong sense of collaboration by making time for team socialization and check-ins.

  • All Access Pass to Successful Tech Planning, this self-paced technology planning track will help you get out of the technology doldrums so that you can assess your organization’s technology infrastructure and address your current and future needs. At the end of the learning track, you’ll have a fully realized tactical technology action plan to guide your organization.

  • Coronavirus Mitigation Resources: this is collection of resources for nonprofits to make possible the mitigation of the spread of the Coronavirus.


If you’re curious about our full course offerings, make sure to check out our extensive course catalogue-–we offer some courses in French and Spanish as well. 

And stay tuned for the next post in this series, devoted to all things cybersecurity!

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