Keep your nonprofit protected with Avast Business.

Cyberattacks are constantly evolving and can target any device in your organization. That means cybersecurity needs to be quicker, smarter, and more reliable than ever before.

TechSoup Canada is happy to be partnering with Avast Business to provide nonprofits with access to enterprise-grade online security services at nonprofit pricing. Organizations of any size and activity will be able to receive protection against all forms of malware and other cyber threats coming from emails, websites, or the Internet.

How Can Avast Business CloudCare Help Your Nonprofit?

Avast Business CloudCare makes it easy and affordable for nonprofits to secure, manage, and monitor devices and networks.

With CloudCare, you can connect securely to any device and remotely resolve issues, perform tasks, reboot computers, and transfer files. You can configure alerts based on certain actions on devices, and you can monitor threats to individual or connected devices from a centralized dashboard. Additionally, you can deliver IT security services to provide complete and in-depth protection from all forms of malware and other cyber threats.

CloudCare consists of four services delivered through a single cloud-based console:

  • CloudCare Managed Antivirus for protecting devices, data, and employees
  • CloudCare Content Filtering for regulating access to websites
  • CloudCare Secure Web Gateway for blocking web threats before they get into the network
  • CloudCare Patch Management for deploying patches across all endpoints

You can choose any or all of the services. Each service is available as a yearly subscription through TechSoup Canada.

Here's a more detailed look at each service.

CloudCare Managed Antivirus

This service features web, file, email, and behaviour endpoint protection that analyzes suspicious information coming and going from devices. CloudCare Managed Antivirus also blocks malicious files, dangerous websites, unauthorized connections, and other threats. It protects your mission-critical data by scanning all files to ensure that they are free of malware. Other features protect your employees' identities. In addition, the service helps identify, destroy, and even predict threats.

You can deploy, configure, and manage antivirus protection from a centralized dashboard that gives you complete visibility across all managed devices, whether they are on-site or remote. In-depth reports include information on blocked threats, devices without antivirus protection, and devices that are overdue for a virus scan.


CloudCare Content Filtering

Ensure proper Internet use by limiting or blocking access to certain websites based on categories, such as shopping and entertainment sites. The service also continuously evaluates web search results to help protect networks and users from cyberattacks. You can deploy new filtering policies using the provided templates or design your own.


CloudCare Secure Web Gateway

Avast Business' threat detection network draws from some of the largest security research teams in the world. Any threat detected anywhere in its cloud is immediately blocked for all customers within its network. You can easily deploy security services, manage policies, check device status, and fix issues — all from a single console. In addition, network traffic is automatically directed to the nearest data center for fast connections anywhere in the world.


CloudCare Patch Management

This service keeps Windows operating systems and applications up-to-date automatically, which also prevents possible security gaps. It identifies and patches outdated or failed-to-install software to ensure company and regulatory compliance. Centralized management lets you scan all devices, set schedules, and receive reports from a single console.


Simple, Powerful, and Affordable Security

Limited resources and cybersecurity threats are common for nonprofits, but that shouldn't mean that they are left with fewer options. TechSoup Canada's discounted offer for Avast Business CloudCare is an attractive way to protect nonprofits from the damage that cyberattacks can do to an organization's reputation, operations, services, and data. Take a look at our catalogue and see if Avast Business CloudCare is right for you.

Is my organization eligible for Avast Business CloudCare?

Avast Business is available to all nonprofits, charities and libraries registered with TechSoup Canada.

To check if your eligibility, log into your TechSoup Canada Account, click on the “ORGANIZATION DETAILS” tab and check your eligibility status for Avast Business. If your status is Qualified, then you’re eligible to receive discounted rates for Avast Business CloudCare!

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