Innovating Forward: Leveraging New Giving Behaviours for Nonprofit Success

The world is in transition right now and the pandemic continues to have huge impacts on charitable giving. With disruption, though, comes innovation and the folks over at CanadaHelps have been lucky enough to witness innovation in the fundraising space first hand. Watch this video to hear CanadaHelps as they walk us though some of the key takeaways from their 2021 Giving Report. During the course of this webinar, we looked at how giving behaviours across Canada have changed during the year that none of us will forget, including how start-ups are creating new ways for donors to support the causes they care about. Their presentation also focused on emerging technologies that are doubling as a new vehicle for giving that is engaging both donors and companies, and how nonprofits can harness these changes in giving behaviour for online success.


About CanadaHelps

For more than 20 years, CanadaHelps has been the trusted charity, informing, inspiring and connecting charities and donors, with the causes they care about. CanadaHelps has facilitated over $1.7 billion in giving and they are driven by their mission to democratize access to effective technology and education in the charitable sector. CanadaHelps achieves this by building affordable fundraising technology, and provides free training and education so that all charities, regardless of size, have the capacity to increase their impact and succeed in the digital age.

About the Speakers

Laura Dempsey, Manager of Partnerships & Lucas Froese, Eastern Canada Lead, Charity Engagement

Laura Dempsey and Lucas Froese both join us from the CanadaHelps Charity Engagement team. Lucas supports CanadaHelps charity partners to create sustainable online fundraising strategies and build successful online giving programs. Laura works closely with companies to build charitable giving into their own platforms and is passionate about strengthening the relationship between the private and charitable sector.

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