Get to Know Us: A World of TechSoup Events

At TechSoup Canada, we’re dedicated to unlocking the power of technology for social good, which is why we’re proud to offer digital resources that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world. Our programs, projects, and collaborations are designed to build capacity at a global scale––with local care.

You may of course know about our curated free webinars, but did you know that you can access hundreds of other digital education events from around the world, too? 

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to an incredibly rich component of our programming that you may not be aware of––the global TechSoup Events platform.

What Are TechSoup Events?

TechSoup Events is a global online hub that equips changemakers to make the most of emerging tech trends and to build the transformative tech skills they need to improve lives globally and locally.

Through the platform you can discover and attend hundreds of relevant events hosted either by TechSoup, by a partner NGO that is a TechSoup Global Network member, or by an individual who hosts a community-driven event under the name TechSoup Connect (more on that in our next post!)

There, you can search for events by region, country, language, topic and more. Events are typically 60 minutes and free to attend. So if you’re a TechSoup Canada member, this would be a great way to learn more about other events near you or to get to know what others are thinking, doing, and transforming in other cities around the world. The global TechSoup community is a vibrant and inspiring network of like-minded individual and nonprofit peers who have lots to offer and lots to share!

What Can You Expect at a TechSoup Event?

TechSoup Events offer free online and in-person events. While topics are incredibly diverse, on the platform you will always find events that support our mandate of “helping nonprofits and charities leverage technology in service of their missions.”

As an attendee, you can expect: 

  • A friendly, welcoming atmosphere no matter what your level of tech expertise is;

  • Help from technology experts passionate about your mission;

  • A community that invites you to forge lasting relationships with people who use technology for good.

Ready to dive in? Head to TechSoup Events to find the right session(s) for you! 

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