Get to Know Us: Connect With the TechSoup Community

At TechSoup Canada, we know that truly transformative knowledge is often built through collaboration and partnership. Our online and offline communities foster many types of collaboration and peer learning opportunities to enable people to work together toward a more equitable world.

After introducing the global TechSoup Event platform in our last post, today we’re excited to present another incredibly vibrant part of our global community and digital education programming––TechSoup Connect.

What is TechSoup Connect?

TechSoup Connect is the successor to NetSquared, a network of volunteer-led local chapters that offer free online and in-person ‘tech-for-good’ events that bring nonprofits and other social change organizations together. Through TechSoup Connect, we help people and organizations build community, share resources, and discover new opportunities for social impact.

To date, this thriving TechSoup program has connected local communities in 34 countries and over 88 groups.


How Do I Join?

If you’re curious about TechSoup Connect, there are several ways you could join the program.

Attend Events:  On the TechSoup Connect portal, you can search for chapters near you and attend their local events––either virtually or in-person. These networking and training events address the technology needs of nonprofits in a region or are specific to an issue area. 

Become a Host: If you don’t see a chapter near you, you could volunteer to become a host! Hosts are volunteers who organize monthly events for their communities. The best part is that you don't need to be a tech expert to be a TechSoup Connect host––your role is to serve as the event organizer and recruit guest experts who will present case studies and share best practices to unlock the power of technology for good. What makes a good host? 

  • Someone who cares about the intersection of technology and social good;

  • Someone who is motivated to build and support a community for other advocates of tech for good; and

  • Someone who loves building relationships and connecting with people.

Propose an Event: The TechSoup Connect program welcomes event proposals that focus on the development of general tech and digital transformation skills. These events are not product pitches, but rather free presentations that allow you to give back to the nonprofit community by sharing your expertise and insights on issues at the intersection of nonprofit tech and social change. To suggest an event, connect with a chapter host to share details about your proposed session. If your pitch is a good fit for your community, they’ll follow up with next steps!

Sponsor an Event or Chapter: We're always looking for support to cover the costs of producing TechSoup Connect events. These costs include items such as catering, facility costs, ticketing system fees, live-streaming, website hosting, video archiving for past events, and more. As a TechSoup Connect sponsor, you can:

  • Connect with people from both the nonprofit and technology worlds;

  • Demonstrate commitment to the tech for good sector; and

  • Introduce your company’s apps, services, or software to an audience eager to learn about new tools and solutions. 

Contact us to discuss your goals and we will create a unique package with you.

See you at the next event! 

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