NetSquared local groups are a great way to learn about new technology in a friendly atmosphere. They provide regular opportunities to connect and share ideas with like-minded folk. Content is typically focused on the needs of nonprofits using online tools for social good. Local groups exist in cities across the world. There are a few meetups in cities across Canada. 

Canadian NetSquared Local Groups

You can also find these groups (and all the other NetSquared groups worldwide) at Don't see a group in your area? You can often join another group's event via live stream, or start your own group!

What is NetSquared?

NetSquared, also known as Net Tuesday, is a project of TechSoup. The mission of NetSquared is to jumpstart the leading edge of online technological change — and to help nonprofits use that edge to change the world!

Nonprofits and charities thrive on relationships—which means the social web holds tremendous potential to transform their effectiveness and impact. We want to help you build the strategic capacity, knowledge and skills you need to put these powerful new online tools to work achieving positive changes.