Manage your Board and Committees Effortlessly with OnBoard!

Looking for ways to effectively and efficiently manage your Board or advisory committees? We’ve got you covered with our latest partner, Passageways’ OnBoard software!

OnBoard is a Board and committee management software designed for administrators, executives, and Board members. The OnBoard platform provides a complete suite of secure virtual meeting and governance tools that are compatible with all devices and browsers, including iOS and Android applications. 

Passageways is offering a 70% discount on an annual OnBoard core subscription for any number of users, as well as a 50% discount on optional add-on suites.

What are the benefits of using OnBoard?

By using OnBoard's shared suite of tools, you and your committees can make agile, context-rich decisions. It allows anyone on your team to update and shape a meeting’s agenda and makes information flow unabated with sufficient time to review. By equipping leaders with tools like shared annotations, a secure instant messenger, a built-in voting and approval system and more, it allows them to think critically and communicate seamlessly – no matter where they are.

Want to learn more? Watch the below video to see OnBoard's features in action, or read how other nonprofits have used OnBoard to improve collaboration.

How do I gain access to the OnBoard discounted rates?

Log into your TechSoup Canada account and request this offer through TechSoup Canada’s catalogue*. After requesting this offer, you’ll receive a confirmation email that lists the discounted price for OnBoard’s core subscription, as well as the discounted prices for the optional add-ons and implementation. An OnBoard representative from Passageways will contact you within four business days to help you determine the best OnBoard subscription options for your organization and to set up your account. You'll then pay Passageways directly for the discounted subscription and optional add-ons.

*NOTE: Organizations only need to request this offer once to get access to discounted rates for OnBoard for any number of users.

Is my organization eligible for the OnBoard discounted rates?

To check if you are eligible, log into your TechSoup Canada Account, click on the “My Organization” tab and check your eligibility status for Passageways.

If your status is Qualified, then you’re eligible to receive discounted rates for OnBoard!

Not registered with TechSoup Canada, but think you are eligible for Passageways’ OnBoard?

The first step is to register with TechSoup Canada — it’s free and simple. Once we have processed your registration, we will let you know if you qualify for Passageways at TechSoup Canada.

Registering with us also grants you access to discounts and donations from up to 30 other donor partners, which includes popular software like office productivity suites, graphic design software, accounting packages and security programs. Find out how the donations program can work for an organization like yours!


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