Digital Wellness: A Digital Detox How-To Guide

This week, we wrap up our Digital Wellness series with the ultimate challenge: starting (and completing!) a digital detox.

Digital Wellness: Resources for Physical and Mental Health

In celebration of mind-body health and wholeness, today we’re highlighting tech-enhanced resources for holistic wellbeing both in and out of the office.

Digital Wellness: Tech-Enhanced Self-Care

This posts provides you with a round-up of tips and tools to enhance your self-care so that you can be your best self and help your organization achieve even greater success in 2022.

Digital Wellness: Building Great Habits

Today we're launching a brand new series dedicated to exploring the intersection of our digital lives and wellness.

Greening Our Digital Footprint: Searching for Good

This week’s instalment of the Greening Our Digital Footprint is dedicated to another immediate and effective way to lower the carbon emissions of our online activities: search engines.

Greening Our Carbon Footprint: Check Your Email

For today’s instalment of the Greening Our Carbon Footprint, we’re reposting one of our most popular blog articles from last year to help you and your nonprofit green your inbox for good.

Greening Our Digital Footprint: Sustainable Web Design

Our series on greening our digital carbon footprint continues today with a deep dive into all things sustainable web design.

Greening Our Digital Footprint: What is a Digital Carbon Footprint?

In this new series, we’ll help nonprofit organizations bring a sustainability lens to yet another vital aspect of their work: their online presence!

5G Technology: Why and How Your Nonprofit Should Utilize It

5G will offer a profound change for the way we experience the internet. In turn, these changes will impact the way we run nonprofits.
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