5 Strategies for Better Nonprofit Accounting Practices

Financial management can be challenging for a nonprofit. However, with the right accounting tips in hand, you can plan to effectively pursue your mission.

Aligning Tech and Fundraising Strategy for Nonprofit Health

When your nonprofit tech aligns with your fundraising strategy, your organization will run smoothly. This guide will help you achieve unity in these aspects.

Fintech for Nonprofits: An Introduction

Financial technology, or fintech, is a growing market. Learn why assistive fintech is so important, then explore how these tools can help in your processes.

Four Nonprofit Accounting Trends of Tomorrow: What You Need to Know

In this guest blog, we take a look at four trends of tomorrow that every nonprofit accountant should know.

Determining The Best Tech and Policies for Your Nonprofit

Our contemporary business and social environment relies upon the advantages of our digital world.

What Data Does Your Finance Team Really Need from Your Fundraising Team?

Nonprofit Finance professionals are often mystified by how their Development colleagues ‘do it’ – the strategies, action plans, and tactics that raise lots of money. 

How to Save Your Nonprofit From the Financial Downturn

TechSoup Canada has been tracking the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, working hard to release hands-on articles to help the nonprofit sector navigate these unprecedented times. Keep an eye on our blog for emerging stories and more COVID-19 ...

Growth Strategies To Scale Up Your Small Nonprofit

There are lots of small business growth strategies that you can apply to the nonprofit sector: from new products and services, to territory expansion and the elusive social enterprise development. Carla Langhorst of Small Business Solver will expl...

Empower your Nonprofit with Blockchain

By: Emie-Claude Lamoureux, PR Director at MLG Blockchain Consulting  The vast amount of focus that blockchains have garnered in the past couple of years has been primarily on reforming financial services. Despite the hype within the financial sec...
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