You’ve Got Mail: The Rise of Subscriber-Based Outreach

Today’s instalment of the You’ve Got Mail series is dedicated to the burgeoning world of subscription-based newsletters, one of the most promising formats for storytelling and outreach.

You’ve Got Mail: Understanding Constant Contact

The second instalment of the You’ve Got Mail series is dedicated to learning more about Constant Contact, whose products are available to TechSoup Canada members through our product catalogue.

You’ve Got Mail: Email Marketing 101

In the first instalment of our new series, we unpack key terms related to email marketing and help you set up your very own campaigns.

Thriving Digital Connections: Sending Great Newsletters

In this brand new series, we’ll be taking a look at the latest tech tips and tools that help us grow and enrich the many connections that make the tapestry of our digital life.

5 Email Marketing Sequences You Should Set Up For Your Nonprofit

One of the most valuable tools available to digital marketers is email marketing. If used properly, it has extraordinary potential to increase revenue and boost return on investment (ROI) in your marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation: A Quick Guide for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit professional, you’re always trying to maximize the impact you can make with your limited resources. Especially with the current economic uncertainty, it’s important to focus on the fundraising

A Great Reason to Clean Up Your Inbox

With remote work and distance learning on the rise, emails have come to play an even bigger role in our daily lives. Now more than ever, we seem to rely on email to coordinate educational activities, promote virtual events, connect with colleagues...

How to be CASL & GDPR compliant

Like any organization operating in Canada, nonprofits need to comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) if they send “commercial” electronic messages (including electronic newsletters). But other data privacy rules from Europe now apply as...

How To Optimize Your Year End Fundraising

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, billions of cards, letters, and packages will be mailed. During this same period, your donors will receive thousands of commercial emails in their already cluttered inboxes. With so much communication happening ...
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