Spotlight on TechSoup Courses: Grant Writing

Did you know that TechSoup offers a range of digital courses created specifically with the needs of nonprofits in mind? Keep reading to learn more!

Get to Know Us: Connect With the TechSoup Community

After introducing the global TechSoup Event platform, we’re excited to present another incredibly vibrant part of our global community and digital education programming––TechSoup Connect.

Get to Know Us: Getting Started with TechSoup Canada

We’re excited to help you make the most of our programs and offerings by taking a look at how to get started accessing our extensive catalogue.

4 Components Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Should Have

How can you make the most of your nonprofit's marketing campaigns? Start with these four key components to build your most successful marketing strategy yet.

Get to Know Us: How to Become a TechSoup Canada Member

Our Get to Know Us series continues with a look at the process of becoming a registered TechSoup Canada member.

5 Business-Savvy Fundraisers to Attract CSR Partnerships

Explore these effective and profitable fundraising ideas that can not only encourage more donations, but attract CSR and corporate philanthropy from businesses.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Course Registration Process

Online courses can offer your nonprofit a variety of benefits, and your program starts with your registration process. Explore these strategies to optimize it.

5 Easy Ways To Learn About Your Target Audience

A target audience is a group of people who you can identify as most likely to become your customers, participants, etc. Knowing your target audience(s) gives you valuable information––learn more about the process in this guest blog.

E-Commerce for Nonprofits: Chatbots for Customer Support and Beyond

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots have become a popular solution for many organizations looking to streamline their public-facing communications.
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