Accounts Manager

Adele is responsible for helping organizations navigate the donations program. Adele has a background in gender studies and extensive experience supporting nonprofits in their fundraising efforts. When not at TechSoup Canada, you can find her making bread and working on the setlist for her one-person band.


Awesome Andrea Andrea
Accounts Manager

Andrea is here to help organizations access the products and services they need to succeed. With a background in the arts, she has had a front-row seat studying how arts nonprofits operate and is excited to broaden her reach and assist all types of nonprofits and charities achieve their mandates. Additionally, Andrea has extensive experience in management, customer service, and administration to support her in this role. When the phones stop ringing, you can find Andrea in a neighbourhood arts program webinar, studying films, or taking photos of her sleeping pup.


Genius writer Chiara
Digital Education Coordinator

Chiara creates and curates content focused on nonprofit digital transformation. As part of her role, she delivers quality educational resources to TechSoup’s members and helps nonprofits stay up-to-date on tech’s latest best practices. Chiara’s experience at the intersection of social and digital change spans over a decade and several continents, and includes work with nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, volunteer networks, and grassroots groups working on anything from open governance to solidarity economies, climate change, and lots more. Off-screen, she can often be found riding her bike, reading too many books at once, and attempting to improve her sourdough baking skills.


"Too cool for school" Chris
Senior Manager, Operations

Chris is responsible for ensuring nonprofits have a positive experience when working with TechSoup Canada. With a proud background in customer service and various types of fundraising, Chris is passionate about helping others to make the world a better place. Outside of TechSoup Canada, Chris can be found playing softball, reading comic books, or on a leisurely bicycle ride.



Accounts Manager

Morgan helps organizations navigate the application process and troubleshoot any problems that pop up. She has a background in customer service and has an interest in how technology can be used to create positive cultural change. Morgan studied User Experience at the University of Toronto. Outside of TechSoup Canada, you can find her collecting strange things from thrift stores, practicing drawing, and hiding in bookshops.


Rachèl the Radiant Rachèl 
Accounts Manager

Rachèl is responsible for supporting organizations in their navigation of the donations program, as they search for the best resources and technology to support their mission. She has extensive experience helping people, whether it’s assisting personnel in acquiring work status in Canada and the US; or participating in various international and community development projects and programs. When not at TechSoup Canada, you can find Rachèl brainstorming on how to dismantle systems of global oppression, or trying to master the ukulele.


V for Victory Victoria
Accounts Manager

Victoria supports organizations in achieving their goals in serving the greater community. This is fueled by her passion for improving society, which is evident by her Social Work background. Her experience extends from volunteering with nonprofits, developing programs for Toronto's inner city youth all the way to teaching children in South Korea. If you can't find her on the Rugby pitch, you will probably find her tucked away in the back of your local noodle shop.


Slow jam Fridays Yaël
Senior Manager, Program & Partnerships

Yael's mission at TechSoup is to make sure that nonprofits understand and make the most of the donations program and other resources available. He has an extensive background in customer service, marketing and graphic design. Yael studied International Trade at the University of Portsmouth. In his free time, you can find Yael rock climbing, video editing and experimenting with stuff.


Forever hopeful Katsumoto
Executive Mascot

Our dream has always been to help those of us restrained by something outside of our control. In your case, that might be your budget; in Katsumoto’s case, it’s the bowl. That’s why we made him our mascot. Also, he’s orange.


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